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Better oral care

When your teeth grind, listen.

The Otis Custom Night Guard is designed specifically for you and your teeth—for a safe, effective and affordable way to prevent and correct the oral damage caused by teeth grinding.

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What Is Bruxism?

Let's stop the grind.

Bruxism refers to the stress-induced clenching of the jaw and grinding of teeth, which typically occurs during sleep. In fact, stress accounts for 70% of bruxism. A custom night guard can help prevent the chronic wear and tear on your teeth from bruxism, so you can focus on better wellbeing.

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Why custom?

Our Custom Night Guard is designed to fit your teeth perfectly, giving you the protection you need to prevent the effects of bruxism that you’d traditionally only be able to get from a dentist’s office.

  1. 1 We mail you an impression kit
  2. 2 Make impressions of your teeth at home
  3. 3 Mail your impressions
  4. 4 We’ll send you your Custom Night Guard

Symptoms of Bruxism

How Teeth Grinding Hurts

Tooth Sensitivity

Jaw Pain


Poor Sleep

Hello from a fellow nighttime grinder!

As a dental professional, I know firsthand that stress and anxiety are at the root of bruxism. I started Otis Dental to make bruxism relief easier and more accessible, while bridging the gap between oral and mental health. We all deserve access to an effective solution that improves our quality of life.

The Otis Custom Night Guard

From $99.95

Made with safe, 100% recyclable materials that are BPA-free and non-allergenic. Better protection for your teeth and the planet.

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