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Better oral care

When your teeth grind, listen.

Create a custom night guard from the comfort of home.

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Not sure if you have Bruxism? We've got you covered.

The TeleDentists offers affordable online consultations with a licensed dentist -- anytime, anywhere.

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Protect the health and beauty of your smile

Headaches, jaw pain or sore teeth?

You’re not the only one.

1 out of 3 people are affected by bruxism—otherwise known as involuntary teeth grinding. This condition goes beyond oral health. Stress and anxiety are usually at its root.

Reduce Bruxism symptoms by improving your mental health

In partnership with Sesame Health, you can connect virtually with a licensed therapist at an affordable price.

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A peaceful night for a joy-filled day.

We look at the whole you, not just your symptoms. By making bruxism solutions accessible to all and sparking conversations about the effects of stress and anxiety on our overall well-being, we’re putting the ‘care’ back in oral care.


Oral Care That Cares

Why Otis?

Backed by Dentists

Sent Right to Your Door

Easy-to-Use Kit

No Dentist Office Needed

How it works.

We made it easy to get a night guard that fits. Make an impression of your teeth with our easy-to-use kit and skip the expensive visit to the dentist.

  1. 1 Kit delivered to your door
  2. 2 Easy-to-follow instructions
  3. 3 Mail your impressions
  4. 4 Et voila!
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A better journey for your smile and the planet.

Bruxism shouldn’t damage your teeth or the planet. That’s why we use recyclable, medical-grade materials to make our night guards and ship them out in carbon-neutral packaging.

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