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Mouth Guards, Night Guards, Invisalign—What’s The Difference?

Mouth Guards, Night Guards, Invisalign—What’s The Difference?

When it comes to tooth coverings, a few images come to mind: the neon-colored performance mouth guards athletes use for contact sports, “invisible” braces, and, if you’re feeling nostalgic for the early-to-mid 2000s, blinged out grillz. None of these, however—even if designed for protection over decoration—are built to fight bruxism. And that brings up a surprisingly common issue: People understand “mouth guard” to be one specific device, and think of, say, the sports iterations and dental care-specific options as synonymous. But you simply can’t fight bruxism with something created for taking the full inertia of an NFL middle linebacker, even if it’s sturdy. So we’ve broken down the differences between common tooth coverings and our custom night guards to help you better grasp just what makes Otis night guards unique. 

Mouth Guards (Sports)

When treating bruxism, or when recommending a bruxism-combatting guard to friends, family, or whomever, it’s important to say something more detailed than just “mouth guard.” A generic mouth guard might be helpful for keeping teeth in your mouth, but it won’t be useful in preventing your teeth from grinding against each other. Remember, these mouth guards are generic, and, to fight grinding, you need a guard that’s made with higher-quality materials and custom-fit to your teeth.


Speaking of custom fit…. You may think this is the same as the OTIS Custom Night Guard because of its custom fit, but Invisalign and other types of “invisible” braces simply do not work for bruxism. An easy way to think about the difference between our custom guards and the Invisalign family of products is this: Invisalign is designed to move your teeth, using multiple thin replacement trays in the process—the whole point is to straighten them, after all—and the OTIS Custom Night Guard is a single piece, fitted to keep your teeth exactly where they are, and provide a reliable, thicker-material buffer to counteract enamel-to-enamel friction. 

The OTIS Custom Night Guard

Our brainchild, pride and joy, bread and butter—the real deal. The OTIS Custom Night Guard was born to a specific calling—counteracting the chronic clenching and grinding of one’s teeth. Using sustainable, dental professional-grade materials, and acknowledging that the bruxism experience is unique to the individual, we set out to provide a product that simply can’t be substituted with common look-and-or-sound-alikes. 

Remember, if you want to tackle your chronic grinding head-on, you don’t want to look like a football player (using a generic mouth guard), and you don’t want to change your smile (Invisalign)—you simply want to look like you, but healthier, better rested, and ultimately happier. 

Shop OTIS Custom Night Guards to get your kit and start smiling without soreness, sleeplessness, or second thoughts.

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